Saturday, July 18, 2009

Its Saturday

But the important thing is Walter is now home. He got in about 9 last night, a tiny bit tired after a long day on airplanes. Today, because he's so lucky, he gets to go into work. On the other hand, I have lots of things to do - laundry, working too (just so he doesn't feel like he's the only lucky one), gardening (after it stops raining), going for a walk, dishes, and a few other things I can't remember. Its a good thing I made a list earlier because I have already forgotten what I wrote down.

But today has started off so well. First my back is not being a team player today. Its not being nice. It hurts. Yesterday when I was out walking, it decided to give me some nice spasmy pains... I think its time to call the doctor's office on Monday and whine a bit to see if I can get in sooner. I have been calling twice a week to see if they have cancellations...

In the morning, we like to read the paper and watch the news in bed. I turned on the TV and got a gray screen and the evil little "no signal" message. So I did all the high tech things. I turned it off and on a few times, checked the cables to make sure they didn't come unplugged over night, turned on the other tv (to make sure we had paid the bill), and called technical support. They asked me all the technical questions - is there a little yellow light on the cable box, is the TV on channel 3, is the.... oops! Some how the channel got changed on the TV. Problem solved, life is back to normal.

Yesterday I was actually very productive. I did lots of work and then went for a walk and out to dinner with a friend. Today I should motivate.... But maybe I'll waste more time on line first because its Saturday.

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