Sunday, July 26, 2009

One Hell of a Day

It started with some running around and packing to go away for the weekend. We were out the door shortly after 830am, stopped at the library to return overdue books and then off to the funeral. Which was very sad and depressing. 39 is too young. We left the funeral, missed our turn on to the highway but found a yummy lunch. We called the B&B to say we were on our way and would be there in a hour or so.

Then all of a sudden the car lost power and died. On the interstate. In the middle lane. Going up hill. We barely coasted to the side. Walter was driving. This was the NEW car with 8000 miles on it. Then some moron decided to pass on the right in the breakdown lane (but missed us) so we decided to wait on the other side of the guard rail. But the tow truck driver was there in about 10 minutes. (After reading teh manual and finding out the towing eye was in with the spare tire under our belongings so we unpacked the back of the car on the side of the highway and then repacked.) We were towed home where we said hi to the cat, repacked into the other car and left on our trip. We got here around 4... Went to the beach for a little bit and out to dinner. I had clams for my dinner so my day improved. (The car is going to the dealer when we get home tomorrow. I hope they have a policy for loaner cars for owners under warranty.) Then my back hurt a lot last night...

We woke up to POURING rain. The weather radar shows another giant thunderstorm headed our way for the day - so we aren't going to the beach. And my back hurts.

But the B&B is nice. They have two outdoor cats, one dog, goats and chickens. And a nice garden. Its very quiet. We like it, which is what counts.

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