Sunday, August 2, 2009

Changed plans

Well evidently I am not ready to graduate yet to walking AND chewing gum because while walking on Friday morning, I tried to look at the spillway on the reservoir while in motion and stepped in to a rut and did a BAD thing to my ankle. I was very mature and called my husband for a ride home.

Then I iced it, went to work, iced it some more, and decided this isn't a little bitty thing so I went to the doctor and had it xrayed. The verdict from the doctor: 'We think its a sprain and are treating it as a sprain. But the radiologist read the x-ray that there is a suspicious area at the end of the fibula and needs to be followed up in orthopedics.' OH JOY! ANOTHER TRIP TO THE DOCTOR! At least its not cancer... But I don't want to go to the doctor. Two days later, it is a lovely shade of purple and swollen even though I have iced it a lot. I will have to coordinate my outfits this week to match the purple....

This meant instead of arriving at my weekend away by 11 am to sit on the beach with a trashy novel, I arrived at 330. But I still had a wonderful time. And the crappy car didn't break down - I can't drive the reliable car because it is a standard transmission. More on my weekend away later.

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Arla said...

Hey Caroline - I hope you are up and walking again soon - without the purple ankle! Good luck. Arla

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