Sunday, August 9, 2009

On Air Casts and Ankles

Its nice that after only a couple of days, my ankle actually feels better in the air cast. Yesterday I did all kinds of things and it didn't hurt until late in the day and then only minorly. I weeded the patio - which was a jungle of grass growing up between the bricks - sitting in a chair which I moved around. I primed and painted the downstairs bathroom - now it is a nice bright white instead of light blue and silver foil swirled wall paper. I vacuumed. I did laundry and folded it. I did not carry things. I did keep my ankle elevated. And my back still hurt.

But maybe this Lyrica is helping my back. It hurt but not as badly as before. And the really nasty places only spoke up a couple of time. It is still early to tell I think. I took it Thursday night, Friday night, and twice yesterday. I am supposed to take it twice a day but I was concerned about dizziness as a side effect and didn't want to take it on a weekday where I had to drive until I found out how it would effect me.

Last night we had a friend over for dinner. Because we are such great planners, Walter said to me at 5 pm, 'we should have grilled outside'. Well dinner was already planned and started inside. So we compromised and ate outside last night. We are planning dinner tonight that could be in either place. But we are supposed to get rain later so it may not happen.

Today I am meeting a new friend for coffee. I found out online that there is a woman who lives literally around the corner - probably within 100 yards (unless she is at the far end of the block from me) who also has breast cancer (what is there a neighborhood cluster? No, I don't think so) and we are meeting for coffee this morning. Also today I have to do work - because I procrastinated last week and have two deadlines tomorrow. I need to do work on a lovely summer day. The one downside to working from home are the distractions. But I can work in my PJs if I want.

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