Saturday, August 8, 2009

I have figured it out

A friend of mine sent me an email yesterday because she heard about my air cast. Her theory is that I am single handedly trying to keep the medical industry afloat. I don't think I am doing it alone but clearly I am making vast contributions. To get an idea of how much cancer treatment costs, see this video of Ethan Zohn from Survivor fame on his chemo bills.

There is a very valid point here about people who are uninsured or not insured to the level that they thought. I find it appalling that someone who is insured is paying $23,000 for two chemo payments as their co-pay. This is why the system need to change.

But no soap box orating this morning. Its too nice a day and we are going to paint the downstairs bathroom - which means I will paint with my air cast because someone else is not as highly skilled at painting as I - he does lots of other things well, but not painting. (My opinion - he will disagree.) Anyway, its my turn to do work. He did all the hard stuff and prepped the walls. They just need primer and paint and its a 5x8 bathroom with tile about 4' up all the way around and up to the ceiling around the tub. It should be a very quick job.

Last night we went to dinner in Boston with Walter's cousin and her husband. It was nice to see them. As we were driving home, I said 'when was the last time we had dinner in town?' The answer is a very long time. Maybe last spring once. Maybe two years before that.

Today, we also have lots of fun things to do like laundry, cleaning, etc. But first, watch this video and think if you are that coordinated. I don't think I could have do it when I was six with my own hula hoop.

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