Thursday, August 27, 2009

Health videos

Here's a news flash: - your diet doesn't cause cancer, obesity does contribute to it. The message is eat colorful fruits and vegetables and don't be obese to to stay healthy. I did that. Where did it get me. Maybe I should have tried harder with the beer and pizza diet. (Watch the video to see that one.)

The next video: in Ireland, they are finding that health care is expensive.
Well, DOH! And, while everyone has public health care, half the population pays for private insurance so they can choose their medical facility and be seen sooner.

But this last video gives us a look at what the rest of the world is doing.This man with an old shoulder injury went to 10 countries around the world to see how they would treat him with nationalized health care. Canada said to wait 8 months to see a doctor - on the premise that it wasn't urgent care (but if you need urgent care, they are right there for you). But two other countries recommended alternatives to surgery first. What I did take from this is that the other countries had not for profit health insurance companies. Why am I paying premiums for my health insurance so that your CEO can get millions and you will increase my out of pocket expenses?

See what you can learn by broadening your mind (a/k/a wasting lots of time) on line? I feel so enlightened. I am still very skeptical of a national plan where we are all forced to be on the same thing. I want my choices. I do think that a national plan that gets everyone insurance is the right thing, as long as we can all have private insurance if we want.

Anyway, these long days are tiring me out. I left at 720 yesterday morning and returned just before 6 pm. Today I will have a similar schedule. Tomorrow,I might get home around 430. Its a good thing Walter is home sick so the cat isn't deprived of attention (he has a cold - Walter not the cat).

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