Thursday, August 6, 2009

What I love about having a blog

I originally started my blog when diagnosed so that I could keep my friends and family updated with what was going on with me without having to go through it over and over again on the phone or in email. Now I have moved on from cancer to more exciting ailments - gall bladder, back, and now my ankle - but still with a sprinkling of cancer to keep it interesting. That's because cancer never really goes away - you just get to pretend it did. But I still like blogging for the following reasons:

- it allows me to babble inanely and bore people I know and total strangers to tears with the excruciating minutiae of my life.

- its all about me.

- I have made lots of friends through it.

- it provides me a quick reference to what I really thought about something or when I actually had some test/procedure because my chemo brain allows me to forget everything. (This is actually very useful. I go and search my blog for the dates of what I had done and when and if it worked or hurt or whatever.)

- I get to have lovely knowledgeable people leave comments about their latest scam on my blog. Yesterday some rocket scientist offered me a deal to buy $190 of his stuff (from a website called and I will get the cure for cancer, diabetes, etc. blah, blah, blah. When will these people learn that we do not believe everything that is on the internet?

Actually I do like blogging. Would I have started blogging if I wasn't diagnosed? Maybe, maybe not. My health issues provide me with new content regularly which is important. Nothing worse than a blog that isn't updated.

So yesterday the oil tank was installed without a big mess or anything. We now have a tank that is a lovely shade of industrial gray in the corner of the basement. It should be good for another 50 years. And if we are around in 50 years we will have gotten our money's worth.

I worked at home most of the day yesterday and feel very productive. I also called the doctors office to ask about the referral to orthopedics for my ankle. Lo, and behold, I was told (their words) 'the ball was dropped on this and the referral was never put in'. Well that happens but my ankle hurts. So today I will call again and see about getting in to get it checked out. By the end of the day its a toss up to decide which body part hurts the most.

You may call me a moron because I rushed to go to my manicure at 5pm. I walked in and she said 'you're early'. I said 'what?' My appointment was at 6... grrr... But she fit me in at 530 so I only had to wait a little bit. Then I met some friends for dinner. Today I am off to work and then to the back doctor - with my list of what hurts when. I will also call the other doctor about my ankle.

Other news is that my garden is finally kicking into gear. Lots of peppers coming. Tons of tomatoes. And my dahlias and roses are both blooming, along with a lot of other things. And the cat is returning to more normal state every day - he now comes up stairs in the morning to tell us about his empty food dish. Which is fine but he doesn't have to stand on me with his 16 lbs feet!

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