Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Could it be???

Could it be the little black cloud of doom is finally leaving??? I had a decent day yesterday and good things happened! My evil nasty deadline is finally over and I was given a special gift for my hard word (and there I thought I was being an evil bitch). I was given a nice and completely unexpected honor in an online community. My ankle was not as painful. I had a big meeting and will have lots of work to do as a result (which means more money).

Today I have to go off to work for 7.5 hours! How can that be? Me work a full day? I haven't done that in I can't remember how long. I work part time jobs. But I owe one job 15 hours each week which I usually do in three five hour days. But because I will work from home on Wednesday, I will work all day today and Thursday to make sure I get my hours in. But if I get through this, perhaps I will just work two days a week up there and have time here for other things. Hmmm. I'll have to think about this.

I still haven't heard from the orthopedics doctor's office but I'll give them until tomorrow to call. Just because the other doctor said they would get me in this week, doesn't mean it will really happen. And I have to call the back doctor to see about getting in there as well.

An interesting twist in my life is that my skin rash from last week came back. Can it be I am allergic to MONDAYS? Last week, we took a long weekend so I didn't have the rash until Tuesday. But that gives me new thoughts. Perhaps I am allergic to something I do over the weekend - like cover my body in sunscreen? I also have an old tube I keep using but keep saying I should probably get rid of. My next thought is to try a new sunscreen and see what happens with the rash. That would be much simpler than being allergic to a medication.

But no more procrastinating on line. I need to get my act together to get to work on time.

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