Monday, August 17, 2009

The weekend evaporated

The last time I checked,it was Friday. And now it is Monday morning. I have to be in work in about 1.5 hours. I have not yet showered or gotten organized or done my exercises. I will motivate shortly and do these things. But I am trying to figure out what happened to the weekend. It vanished. Friday afternoon we drove up to my friend's cabin in the mountains in New Hampshire. We made dinner and hung out. They showed up late and had a later dinner and then we all went to bed really late.

Saturday we got up and went off for an adventure. We were going to drive up Mount Washington but there was a pesky bike race going on (yes the race up the 8 mile road up a 6000' mountain and I know people personally who are that crazy). Instead, we headed over to a local ski area where we could ride the gondola up to the top. But they also had the ziprider ( which we rode. Well, three of us did. The five year old was too little and his mother took pictures.
That's Walter on the right and me on the left - note the fashionable air cast (the accessory of the summer). It was a blast! We had a great time. I can't believe I did it but am glad I did. My one concern was my ankle and would I be able to ride it without hurting it. It stops at the bottom using a big spring on the cable so it was actually quite easy. (The hard part was walking up from the chair lift to the top of the ride (and Walter retrieving his hat the fell off when I raised the safety bar on the chair lift without saying anything - yes I felt guilty I couldn't go get it for him.)

Our goal was to go to the grocery store and buy stuff for dinner. The grocery was closed so we had to go to a Walmart (which was the closest store for 20 miles). A piece of advice. NEVER BUY FOOD AT Walmart. We got rotten onions, mushy tomatoes, corn with worms, petrified garlic, and borderline potatoes. It was horrible food. (Actually never buy anything at Walmart.) If we had known the grocery was closed, we would have gone elsewhere to shop.

We went back to the cabin and made a giant dinner and then had a a fire in the outside fire pit at night and stayed up late. My friend, her husband, and my husband ganged up on me about doing too much. (Of all the nerve!)

Sunday we had a big breakfast and headed home - 3+ hour drive. I was exhausted for some reason and took a nap. The cat was very glad to see us but when it came to be bedtime, he was missing. I looked everywhere including outside (where he is not supposed to be but has been known to sneak off to). Finally I gave up and went to bed. In the middle of the night I woke up and said I'll go see if he is hanging around the front door. He was sitting on the back of the sofa and gave me a look that clearly said 'why are you bothering me when I am sleeping?' But I felt much better and went back to bed.

One little piece of news these days. Evidently there is a shortage of radioisotopes used for medical testing. I hope they have one for me and don't run out before I get there! 'Sorry ma'am we are out of radioistopes. Just drink some green Mountain Dew and will follow that in your system instead.'

This morning I need to motivate and get to work. That's it. Nothing exciting. No walks, coffee with friends or anything. Just a day of work and perhaps the farm stand. So maybe I do lead a boring life.

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