Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Quick! Don't blink!

I had another good day yesterday. Can it be my little cloud is far away?? But don't let me jinx myself. I am just happy I now have a doctor appointment with the back pain doctor tomorrow afternoon at 1pm. I just have to make a list of what hurts (hips, sacroliac, spine, upper back) when (all the time - standing, sitting, walking, or lying down) so that I can get more information about what next.

However I still have not yet heard from the orthopedic department to schedule my ankle appointment. I will call them today to find out when. It was actually being good yesterday and not hurting until I went to the farmer's market and got one little bag of vegetables. Then I came home and got my husband to go to the grocery store together - so he could carry everything and push the cart. By the time I got home from that, my ankle really hurt. And my back. So Walter cooked part of dinner while I had an interlude on the couch with two ice packs - there is a nice convenient stretch of hot weather to coincide with the icing efforts.

Everything seems to be going well. Work is keeping me very busy. I am working from home today because the oil tank is being installed. My one request for the workers is to not allow the cat to just stroll out the basement door. We have moved his litter box to the side porch and have closed his little door so he can't get down to the basement but he doesn't adapt well to change. He will just have to deal with it today.

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