Monday, August 10, 2009

Letter of the Day: P

Today's letter of the day is: P. P stands for all sorts of lovely words: purple, pain, pills, procrastination, and, oh yes, positive thoughts.

Purple is for my ankle which has lost its purpleness after four days in an air cast. It also feels better most of the time in the air cast. By the end of the day, it complains. Perhaps I have been doing too much (no, not me) but this weekend I primed and painted the miniscule downstairs bathroom, had a friend over for dinner, did some house cleaning (it was time for the annual event), went to the grocery store, and went to Lowes to pick out bathroom fixtures. That was lots of walking. When my left ankle hurts, I can't really limp because it makes my right hip hurt. So I just sort of hobble around.

Pain is for my ankle and back - between the base of my skull down through my hips - and actually any where it decides to appear in between. How comfortable. It appears at random moments when I am doing nothing or when I try to do something like move my leg.

Pills are to keep me going. When I get up in the morning, I take my thyroid pill so I have a thyroid function and I take Tamoxifen to keep the cancer cooties away. An hour later, after eating something, I take an anti-inflammatory to reduce the pain in my back and I take a Lyrica to help reduce the pain in my back in a different way. Later on in the day, I take vitamins to be healthy and lots of calcium and vitamin D for my osteopenia. At dinner, I take more anti inflammatories and Lyrica because they are two doses a day. Before bed, I make an assessment, do I need anything from my drug store to help me sleep. (Maybe I should have another P: Personal pharmacy...)

So I have my own little drug store here and reading all the labels has convinced me that I need to switch to an alcohol free life. Not that I thought I was having a problem or anything but we would have wine with dinner most nights. Now I have several medications that say 'avoid alcohol', especially my newer meds. So no more alcohol except on rare occasions.

Procrastination has allowed me to have a weedy garden and to be behind on my contract work. I have to go to work this morning but have to come home this afternoon and work on a number of things that have deadlines of tomorrow morning.

Postive thoughts should occur daily. What is something to smile about today: my flower garden is blooming, my vegetables are kicking in - fresh peppers and tomatoes tonight, my ankle seems to be healing, my husband and cat are doing well, and plan on returning to a healthy life someday...

In the meantime, the question of the day is, am I turning into a borg?

The knee brace is from a previous knee surgery but when combined with my ankle aircast...

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Judie said...

I know I said to stay off the ankle - this is the voice of experience talking...