Thursday, August 20, 2009

Losing my cherub like demeanor

If you ever watch stand up comedy, you will know I am referring to John Pinette, a local guy who has done pretty well for himself. One of his famous lines is about 'losing his cherub like demeanor' but of course can I find a video of this to share? NO! When we saw him last year did he use this line? NO! So you will just have to suck it up and watch this video of him and his thoughts on camping.

Anyway, what I am saying is that my back hurts more because my ankle hurts so I walk funny and strain my back. This leads to extreme crabbiness, apparently on my part (according to my husband). But it also can lead to crabbiness on other people's part (this is my personal opinion and my husband will dispute this). But I am on anti-inflammatories which help with swelling in both my ankle and my back - the little joints in my hips and along my spine are inflamed which leads to pressure on the nerves which leads to pain (which leads to crabbiness apparently). I am also on pain medication which is helping with my back but not completely. It focuses on neuralgic pain. I have other types of pain as well. I am not sure what to call them but I will say they hurt. Well, I have sprained ankle/chipped bone pain which is another type of pain.

So what am I doing for fun these days? Working every day (believe it or not, I do go to work every day - I fit it in between doctor appointments). We are also going camping this weekend. Yes, I will take my aching back and ankle into the woods and sleep on an air mattress (which is pretty cushy as camping goes) and enjoy the great outdoors and my nieces and nephews. I will not go hiking. I will sit in a chair with my foot up, a good book, and supervise the lunches so they don't get stolen by wandering bears (a la Yogi Bear). I might go swimming. But I will do lots of sitting. Perhaps I will leave my crabbiness behind.

Today, I wanted to get to work around 730. But since its 7 and I haven't taken a shower yet, that apparently will not happen. But I will be there by 8 and work until 3 and then meet a friend for coffee. And then possibly share some more crabbiness with the world...

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