Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pets are supposed to relieve stress

Question of the day: What is the WORST thing to spill in your refrigerator? Maple Syrup - all down the back and on the bottom! STICKY! We just had a refrigerator cleaning party...

I have seen this in the news and all sorts of research that pets are supposed to relieve stress. Well apparently our cat has not read that part. He is CAUSING stress. First he is playing hide and seek. Sunday night we couldn't find him anywhere. I looked and looked (including outside in the yard with a flashlight). I couldn't find him. I was very upset. He is an indoor cat who has been known to sneak out once in a while but now he has limited use of his rear paws and needs insulin every 12 hours. So in the middle of the night I got up to check and see if he was outside the front door. No, he was inside, sleeping on the back of the sofa with out a care in the world.

Then yesterday morning, same thing. We were trying to leave for work and couldn't find him anywhere. Again, need to make sure he is inside so he has food and water, etc. We looked and looked and looked. And finally found him sleeping under the sideboard in the dining room on top of the little chest that is there. Finally we could go to work. So Walter leaves. I finish getting ready and am leaving. Walter returns. He is missing his ID card... After searching we determined it fell out of his pocket while searching for kitty... How relaxing is that? The cat was relaxed. We weren't.

Last night, yes I admit we are having a tiny little heat wave and he has lots of fur, we were watching TV with the cat sitting in the front entry way. We decide its time for bed, no kitty. We start searching again - or I start searching and Walter starts telling me, he'll be fine. But for my peace of mind, I need to track him down. He's not in the dining room on top of the chest under the side board. No he is on the floor in the corner, looking at me like a disturbed his rest. Where's my relaxation kitty? C'mon! Its time to share the love - well it was at 430 this morning, he wanted food. I wanted sleep. But at least I knew where he was.

Today is time for another pet. I have a PET/CT scan (as opposed to a pet cat) this morning. It is the test to hunt out any lurking cancer cooties. Am I stressed? Well, yes (and hunting for the cat all the time doesn't help!) but I will get the results this morning as well and either go out for a nice lunch with a friend and give myself the rest of the day off. Or go out and have a large margarita with lunch and give myself the rest of the day off.

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