Thursday, August 13, 2009

Here We Go Again

They changed their minds!!! A new study is released called 'Micro tumors rise on the risk scale: May alter Breast Cancer Treatment'! Hello! Well now what? that's what I had! Did I get the right treatment or was the old treatment I got up to snuff with these new 'treatment alterations'? Who do I ask? What do I do now? MAKE UP YOUR MINDS!!!! Here's my favorite quote: “It really does look like our biases are wrong,’’ he said. “For the first time, it suggests that isolated tumor cells or micrometastases do have biological significance.’’ Ahem, I had a micrometastases. I don't feel very warm and cuddly right now.

Also, the second half of the article goes on to say the advice they gave breast cancer patients about exercise and lifting weights and being careful with the affected side(s) is now considered to be wrong. Well since weight lifting has never been a big part of my life, I am not feeling less cuddly here. Simply aggravated. Here don't do this. No we were wrong. You can do that. In fact its better if you were. You weren't? Well, start now. Yes, now. We know we were wrong but that means you were wrong to agree with us so you must do the right thing now! AAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Let me also share with you my lovely day of doctor interactions. Well not doctor, but idiot staff interactions. I met with my doctor and she thinks I am doing well but need a follow up test to be sure there are no cancer cooties lurking anywhere (cancer cooties is my new technical term - if you don't understand it, try a dictionary). She said someone would call me. They did call me but I was at work.

So when I left work at 330 I called her. They said 'she's talking to her son' and put me on hold. FOR TEN MINUTES! At which point I hung up and called back and said 'I'm calling for Ann, returning her call. I called before and was put on hold and no one ever picked up.' After more than five minutes on hold, I was told they didn't know where she was but that they would give her the message and she would get back to me. So I called again after 45 minutes (trying to get this scheduled before the end of the day) and was put on hold for another 5 minutes at which point some one picked up and asked who I was holding for, put me back on hold, and never returned.

So I hung up and called again and told the person answering the phone (in the nicest possibly way) what exactly I thought of their customer service and why was I being put on hold and no one ever picking up to tell me she wasn't available. This nice woman actually found the notes (5 minutes on hold) and scheduled my cancer cooties test and then let me tell a manager what exactly I thought of their customer service. Apparently, the person who called me had a family emergency and had to leave, her son also works there. But she left without telling any one. Also, no one should have left a call on hold that long. Finally she promised me a formal apology.

I find this frustrating. Its a professional office. If you see a call on hold for ever and ever, don't you think someone should pick it up and resolve it instead of just leaving it flashing? Instead of picking it up and asking who they are holding for and putting it back down and never returning? I understand family emergencies but shouldn't the person have told someone she left as she went running out the door? Several breakdowns in protocol and standards there. Very frustrating for the patient. I shall remember this when I am forced to deal with them again.

Anyway, so my blood pressure got a work out yesterday. Otherwise a normal day at work. I attempted to purchase a light fixture for the upstairs bathroom but to no avail. We have a weird space that is short but light needs to hang out over the mirror but not too low because of the cabinet doors. Unfortunately the only one we have seen which works is the ugly old one. Today I will return the one I bought yesterday and take one last look. Then the electrician is coming to give an estimate of all the work to be done. Then the new cat sitter is coming to learn about our cat and his demands (he doesn't have needs, just demands). Then I am getting a hair cut - I am starting to have a bad mop. Finally, I think Walter will end up cooking dinner. But then I have to pack for the weekend. Am I overscheduled?? Possibly?


Debby said...

Take a break woman!

My word verification is duckyp. If you give yourself a little break, you'll find that everything will be duckyp again.

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