Monday, August 3, 2009

A wonderful weekend

A year ago I went to a Casting For Recovery retreat ( - a weekend of fly fishing for women with breast cancer - and had the most amazing time. It was a turning point in my healing process. This year I was lucky enough to go back as a volunteer. I did not fish and was hobbling around on my ankle. However, after some rain on Friday afternoon the weather cooperated and it was most enjoyable.

Back in May or so, the organization sent an email to previous attendees I assume (not just me) saying they were short a few people and could I refer anyone to help fill the spaces. I emailed a bunch of people and posted on a message board. Five women that I know applied and attended. A sixth friend was on the waiting list and another friend went to a retreat in another state. The best part of the weekend was seeing the people that I know relax and enjoy themselves, smiling ear to ear all day long. I hope the weekend was as beneficial to them as it was to me last year. I hope to be able to attend next year as well as a volunteer. Its all about being able to help others.

Now back to reality with a sunburned nose, a purple swollen ankle, and a 10 am meeting while waiting for the doctor to call with an appointment for my ankle. And to try to get an appointment with my pain doctor. Somethings never change.

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