Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Waiting for inspiration

I am sitting here waiting for inspiration this morning. I am not feeling inspired. I had a long day yesterday. I worked, met a friend for coffee, came home and worked more and then after dinner I finished my proposal with a deadline and sent it off just before 9pm. It was a long day. Today is another busy day but I hope it will be more positive.

I think one reason that yesterday was so long is that I had a phone conversation with someone who clearly doesn't get it. When someone has health issues, it is not a good idea to make jokes about the things they used to be able to do. I used to be able to go hiking, roller blading, to the beach, and basically anything I wanted. Right now with back pain and an ankle in an air cast, there are tight limits to how much I can do. A joke about going hiking is not funny. An offer to put me in a wheelbarrow and taking me along was funny.

Maybe I am overly sensitive these days. This nagging back pain crap combined with ankle issues (how does one limp on both sides without hobbling?) may have made me overly sensitive to comments. Maybe my stress level is up again because I go back to the radiation oncologist for a follow up tomorrow. Oncologist visits are always a stressor because they are the cancer doctors who tell you bad things or send you for nasty tests/procedures/biopsies.I am sleeping these days which is good - Lyrica is supposed to help with that. But still. Another issue is that I can't go for my daily walk which is a big stress releiver. I also can't really go to the gym. I can't do things that involve putting weight on my ankle - treadmill, etc. I am on a 20 lb lifting limit from my back so I can't do weights. Perhaps I could go ride a stationary bike... Hmmm... May have to try that one. But the last time I tried a stationary bike it made my back hurt. Grrr...

Anyway today I am meeting a friend for coffee (I have lots of coffee drinking friends), going to work, and the farmers market for some veggies. But I will only get a little bag of veggies and maybe take two trips to my car or something... Last week, the farmer's market made my ankle hurt.

Is there anything that doesn't make my back and/or ankle hurt? If I lie down with my ankle elevated and my back positioned properly on an ice pack, it can be relaxing, briefly. What fun. Well off I must go for another day of fun and games.

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Robin said...

Hi - What about using one of those metal wheeled carts for moving things from farmer's market to car? I used to use one faithfully in my 20s when I lived 8 blocks from the grocery store. You could put food in small bags that transfer easily, then just wheel your stuff to and fro. Not being able to pick up anything heavy is really a challenge!! Robin

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