Friday, August 21, 2009

Is it wrong?

Sometimes we must stop and ask if something is wrong. Or say 'what's wrong with this picture when Octomom expects a reality show will pay the bills for raising her 14 kids'? (Actually, we didn't need to ask what's wrong, we really should have asked for a sanity check but that's another story...) I started thinking about things that are just plain wrong yesterday - like getting your car smashed by a grocery cart while shopping - not me, a friend. A FB friend said something about how she hadn't cried since being told her mother had died and was wondering if that was wrong? You can't force human emotion and she will cry when she is ready. But then there are the other things you just stop and wonder, is it wrong?

- Is it wrong to call your pet little nicknames that if you called your sibling or spouse them, you would be in trouble?? We call our cat things like 'lard butt'. He just thinks we are paying attention to him and doesn't understand the words but when you are trying to cook a meal and have to walk around the giant cat sprawled all over the kitchen floor its easy to resort to 'other names'

- Is it wrong to assume most reality shows are rigged in some way? How do they pick those people for the home renovation shows - I've got a kitchen with some lovely wallpaper and an ugly tile counter. Some of the people you really wonder about. Particularly the ones who were on the show where they would have to eat worms or something... Who dreamed up these shows anyway and why do we bother watching them?

- Is it wrong to be disillusioned by professional athletes and the entire professional athletics system with all the doping scandals? Some people really do win without taking drugs and should get respect. But anyone who take performance enhancing anythings, should be outed and punished. The baseball players who were clearly on steroids - compare pictures of them at five year intervals and you can get a good idea of who did and who didn't - no Hall of Fame for them. That should be for the players who earned it with out chemicals.

- Is it wrong to expect civilized debate on healthcare reform? We live in a two (or more) party system and dialogue and debate can be expected. But I have no time or respect for the people who compare it it nazism or that picket the debates to harass attendees. (Similar to people who picket medical clinics where abortions are performed but I wont open that discussion here.) You are entitled to your opinion, I am entitled to mine. We are both entitled to discuss it and make our opinions known. But I am not sure we are entitled to be harassed by an opposing position by yelling and shouting. Especially if the people doing the yelling and shouting didn't take time to find out the truth of the matter or have their own personal agenda.

- Is it wrong to expect common courtesy while shopping, in a restaurant, or any where out in public? By this I mean, lose the cell phone and chewing gum, while at work and say hello and do your job. I am here because I want to spend some money, which you were hired to take and put in the cash register. If you don't help me I'll take my business elsewhere. Actually I am a big fan of basic customer service. I don't necessarily need the super high end kind but the basics are fine. My husband hates when I complain in restaurants but I often do. I don't want dirty silverware. When I ask for a glass of water, I expect it in a reasonable time period. If I have to keep asking for it, your tip will decrease. If I have to ask to speak to a manager, I probably will not return to the establishment. I have no time for idiots.

- Is it wrong to expect common courtesy while at the doctor's? Last week, I was really peeved at the doctor's office which kept putting me on hold and leaving me there. I finally spoke to a supervisor and was promised a formal apology which has not arrived. I have since been there in person and did not bring up the incident again but I did get to see who were the idiots I was dealing with - the one who left without telling anyone and the ones who put me on hold and left me there. What I have learned is that if I call there and get put on hold for more than one minute, I will hang up and call back and ask for the manager. I do have to call them back next week...

- Is it wrong to expect medical advances to provide pain free living? (Note my focus these days is not current cancer, but just plain old pain because its a day to day thing.) I know there have been lots of advances in medical treatment and there are lots of things available but to have continued pain issues that aren't going away - combined with my stupid ankle, is annoying me to no end. So maybe I am asking for the magic pill - go to the doctor with whatever and they prescribe a single magic pill and voila, you are healed. Perhaps I need to lower my expectations, but I don't want to.

- Is it wrong to expect the Star Trek world to be ours some day? Not the going into new galaxies and all that but the part where they talk about 'back in the 21st century when they eradicated cancer and a bunch of other diseases...' Or do I need a reality check?

But this is all my opinion and you are entitled to yours as well so feel free to disagree, politely. Now I have to get ready to go to work...


Debby said...

Is it wrong to expect that your co-workers feel badly that you've lost your job? Yesterday, they all went out for lunch. I was invited. I'm losing my job. I've got a daughter in college. I'm not eating out these days. They all blithely went out the door and took a long lunch. I can't decide if I'm over sensitive or they are insensitive, and I'm trying not to be a big baby, but that really hurt my feelings.

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