Sunday, August 23, 2009

Its Obvious To Me

Its obvious to me. Its not my driving skills. Its everyone else on the road. I am the most perfect driver there is. Everyone else is a moron, or an OMWAH, or just a plain old fashioned idiot. I decided this as we were driving home from our camping trip this afternoon and people were in my way, or had the nerve to drive the speed limit. (I am sure everyone will disagree with me, but its my opinion.)

We had a very nice weekend camping (except for the slug incidents). It poured rain all the way there but stopped while we set up. Yesterday it only rained when we were inside. Last night it rained all night.

My back decided that it disliked sleeping on an air mattress so I am in the most pleasant of moods since I have been up since 4 am. I couldn't get comfortable and ended up sitting in the car reading and trying to get comfortable. Everyone else started getting up around 730. We packed up in the rain and headed out for breakfast (at the worst restaurant on the planet where we waited an hour for our food after ordering - Jersey's in East Berne, NY - don't bother unless you have a lot of time to spare). We ate our food in about five minutes and then hit the road home.

Also, another drawback to the weekend is that air casts are not meant for muddy rainstorms. I put a trash bag over it but it ended up leaking and getting all wet and muddy. I washed it off and it is now drying in the sunshine. I am sitting with my ankle in an Ace bandage and ice on my back.

Back to work and reality tomorrow.

PS The first slug incident: My four year old nephew murdered a big yellow slimy slug with a rake - to the delight of two of his siblings. The second slug incident: I was standing on one foot with a flipflop on it and a big yucky yellow slug climbed up on my toes.

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