Thursday, June 11, 2009

Browsing in the Hallmark section

Apparently there are expanded Hallmark moments in life to include other significant life moments, like cancer! Yes! Last week I was in the card section of my local drug store and saw a 'coping with cancer' together greeting card showing a bald headed model - apparently representing someone going through chemotherapy - with a healthy person. Clearly there are tasteless people at Hallmark who don't get it.

If I am in treatment, I don't want to be sent a picture of someone supposedly going through chemo. There was no hint of ever present nausea and discomfort, just a healthy person without hair. If you want to send me a coping with cancer card, it should be cheery - while in treatment, you get to see people all the time with no hair who are sick. Send me a picture of something nice - or better yet - chocolate, ice cream, flowers, or a picture of a research lab which is decoding the gene pool finding a cure. You get the point. If you have cancer and aren't in treatment because you there isn't anything they can do, why do you want to get a picture of someone 'in treatment'? Helloo!! Yoohoo, Hallmark people - think about it - a picture of someone else who is faking having cancer doesn't cut it. This is my daily rant but I am not alone here, see this blog too.

Last night, I think I slept 5 hours, and then another 1.5 hours, so after 6.5 hours of sleep plus 5 hours the night before, or a total of 11 hours in two days, I am exceptionally perky (and crabby). Tonight I am going to bed early and not answering the phone so I can get some sleep. Before then I have an overscheduled day. 815 drop cat at vet, 930 meet friends for coffee, 11-12 walk, 12pm pick up tickets for movie, 12-5 work, 515pm pick up cat. (note: being in 3 places at 12pm) I have to eat lunch too... I'll have to pack that first, take a shower, eat breakfast, and finish waking up. Perhaps I should get off the internet and get moving????

PS My back hurts but I am not whiney or anything.

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