Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Hatred is a very strong word and I don't usually use it. I dislike things rather than waste energy hating something. But today, after a night of little sleep due to stupid back pain, have decided here are a list of things I hate:

- cancer (doh!)
- back pain (double doh!)
- diabetes - feline and human (another cureless disease)

However here are somethings I dislike:
- mean people
- stupid people
- needles - shots, ivs, etc
- bad dog owners (who end up with mean untrained dogs)
- road rage
- computer virus creators
- spammers
- know it alls
- whoever invented parallel parking

Can you guess that I am in a rosy cheerful mood today? I went to bed in pain at 10 pm and even though I took pill I have been up since 3 am.

Anyway, an update on kitty: he is better. He is substantially better to the point that he now comes up stairs at night to tell us when his food dish is empty. He doesn't walk very well but he can now manage the stairs and getting up on the bed to inform of this issue in his life. (Once he is on the bed, he has resumed his bed hog ways as only a giant cat can.)

Today, I shall take my crabbiness to work this morning, run some errands, go for a walk, and then work from home this afternoon before going out to dinner tonight.

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Judie said...

Take a deep cleansing breath and stay away from portable sharp objects...XXOO Judie

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