Saturday, June 20, 2009

Its 530 am and I am updating my blog

Why? Because my back hurts.I have been up since 330. I gave up about 5 and got up and made coffee. The cat thinks its great that I am up so early because he gets attention that way. I am not sure sure that its a good idea but here I am. Sitting with my ice pack, waiting for the coffee maker. AS soon as my blog is updated, I will get the paper from the front walk. Yes, I did take a muscle relaxant last night but this isn't fun.

Yesterday I worked at my new job (and had a momentary flash of panic that I crashed the company's website) and my doctor's office called. I now have an appointment this coming Friday to discuss options with my back issues. Getting more sleep and reducing pain will be a primary topics of that conversation.

Today we have a lot going on. My sister is getting married tomorrow. I am the maid of honor and apparently have to give a toast, which I have barely started and can't figure out Word 2007 to format it the way I want so I need to send my desk top computer and work on it there (but I can't do that in front of the cooking shows on the DVR with my ice pack). This morning is the rehearsal followed by lunch and then on a tall ship. If the weather cooperates this will be a lot of fun.

In the meantime, I have no time to waste on line this morning. We are going for a walk in a little bit - the coffee is done so I can wake up Walter and off we will go.

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Anonymous said...

Can we see a photo of your bridesmaid dress please?? I hope the wedding today is wonderful and you have a great time.--RJT

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