Friday, June 5, 2009

What are the odds?

What are the odds that the only food the cat is now allowed to eat are things Mr. Picky (his alias) will actually like? Apparently the answer is inversely proportional to their cost. The more expensive and better for him, the less he likes them. Yesterday I got him the only kind of dry food that I can get over the counter (at $10.99/small bag) and he doesn't really like it. I mean he ate a little when I brought it home and then some in the middle of the night but apparently it is not up to his standards (which apparently are very high since he tries to drink out of the toilet at times). Well, we will wait him out. How long can he suffer (and not very silently) before he breaks down and starts eating what is now available to him? I give him about 2 more days. He is eating canned food but looks for treats and dried food that he used to get. I tried giving him healthy treats - which is turkey jerky for cats and guess who rejected it?

Yesterday I started my day at the dentist. It turns out the woman who has been working there for more than 25 years and has been cleaning my teeth for at least 15 is moving out of state. Her new husband's job was relocated so its for all sorts of good reasons but now I have to adapt to change - which I am so good at! The new hygienist seems very nice but she's not the same.

Four days since my last cortisone injection I am not so sure about this. The last one lasted for about three days. This one is a little better but my back hurt last night and then I had awful leg cramps in the middle of the night - worse than a charley horse. This is what happened last time and then the effects of the shot wore off. I am being optimistic but ow!

Today off to work and then for a walk and then to the local Greek festival and then get my nails done. I know there's more but I can't remember it all now - too early, need more coffee, and chemo brain!

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Anonymous said...

have you tried getting the insulin at walgreens for the cat...they have a family plan that includes pets...yes pets...when our dog became sick we needed expensive meds and we about lost it is true, huge saving for joining their family plan. On food, try california natural blend

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