Saturday, June 6, 2009

This really ticks me off!

The other day I saw this article and was completely infuriated. What does this moron (and I use the term loosely) think he is doing? He has no idea what a cancer diagnosis is really like and what it takes from your life. I was pretty steamed after reading this article initially. Then this morning I was going to blog about it and couldn't find it where I originally read it so I googled 'faking cancer diagnosis' and you wouldn't believe how many more morons are out there doing the same thing! I also found this other blog where a blogger wrote about the idiocy of these people. I liked the comment on her blog where someone said she would wish cancer upon these idiots. Now my nice normally low blood pressure is starting off significantly higher than normal today.

I am finding that working two part time jobs keeps me very busy - even though its only 25 hours a week (or so). But I do go to work every day now. And do volunteer work. And work some contract work. And go for a walk every day. And garden. Okay, maybe I'm busy.

Today I have a list of stuff to take care of that I have been putting off (actually my tiny chemo brain keeps forgetting to do them and I lost my list...) Walter is going into work this morning so I am left to my own devices - something that isn't necessarily a good idea.

The cat is doing better. He is more mobile. This morning he came up stairs and demanded more water. Walter had fed him but apparently not given him enough water on his canned food the way he likes it so he came up to ask (make that demand) more. Yesterday afternoon I came in from work and couldn't find him anywhere. I looked everywhere he likes to sleep and checked the basement and upstairs. I couldn't find him. He wasn't answering me. Apparently I was interrupting his nap on the corner of the dining room floor under the table. He just does these things to stress me out!

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