Friday, June 19, 2009

You want to do what???

No, I don't think so is what I told my doctor's office yesterday when they called. This was from my back pain doctor's office in response to my call in with how I was doing after my second cortisone injection. I saw the doctor in early April and he told me 'you have lots of things wrong with your back but we'll start with lumbar injections from the lower back and see how things go after that'. The only times I have seen him since are to receive said injections - and its not a time for a conversation.

Apparently after my call into his office he wants to try a 'lumbar facet block' which is a temporary procedure where they make six (yes SIX) injections right next to your spine with novacaine or something like that which is temporary. Then I get to keep a pain diary for the next six hours and see how much relief I have. If it works, the next step would be to make it permanent with a 'radio frequency denervation' where they kill off nerves. In my spine? I DON'T THINK SO! I expressed my hesitance to the nurse and she took another look at my MRI and said maybe I should see the doctor again first. I thought that was a splendid option. I would prefer to have another conversation about my options instead of just going through procedure after procedure (and they all involve needles which I hate).

Unfortunately I can't see him until the end of July. This was rather disappointing but she did say to call once or twice a week to see if they have any cancellations. Then I started thinking about this. If I have to wait another month, I will make it a productive month and start a pain diary (or resume the one I used to keep for the physical therapist). That way when I finally get to see him, I can give him better information.

So here's the beginning of my pain diary: last night, fair amount of pain upper back before going to bed - took a pill, 230am massive leg cramp, some upper and lower back discomfort since. (I stretched and now it hurts.)

Anyway, today I am off to work and then run some errands, come home and do some work, and out to dinner with family tonight. My sister is getting married this weekend and all sorts of relatives are showing up. We also have the cat sitter stopping by to learn how to give kitty his shot so we can stay overnight at the wedding. Now I will be late for work! Gotta run!


Unknown said...

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Debby said...

Actually, my friend just had her final shot, and will be having the radiowave part of it done shortly. The initial period after the shots was painful, but she actually got quite a bit of relief after the first couple days or so were done. I will let you know how the final procedure works for her.

Oh. Just my opinion, but take a skip on the cow urine.

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