Monday, June 8, 2009

Be careful what you say

When we first moved into our house, the home inspector told us we had a mouse problem and that they found one black ant. We said we would enlist the cat to deal with the mice but then found ourselves overrun with black ants. We hired the exterminator to deal with the ants for the next couple of years. Last year, we got cheap and did it ourselves.

Last week, my husband said (this is where you have to be careful about what you say) 'We seem to have the indoor ant problem under control and there are just a few outside'. Then we started seeing ants all over the kitchen and in the bathrooms. It is clearly his fault. He jinxed us. He should have kept quiet on the topic. Yesterday, they were everywhere all over the counter in the kitchen. We ended up pulling out the stove and the refrigerator, cleaning the floors and the counters completely, and putting out lots of nasty bait. I think I found their entry point in the kitchen and filled it full of evil goo. After that I saw one more ant later on. I hate ants!

Yesterday was occupied by ant extermination for a good part of the day but I was also able to sneak in some gardening and my daily walk. Someone was giving away some eggplant plants so I had to plant them to add to my collection of peppers and tomatoes. This means I will have my own personal private supply of eggplants for the summer - yummy!

My back was feeling better for most of the day but after gardening and running my errands and ant extermination, it was not happy and I had to ice it for a while. Then I wanted to ice it more, but since I left my special ice pack out of the freezer so it got warm, I had to suffer in silence and take a pill. This morning my back felt okay for a nano-second when I woke up. Then I moved and stretched. Silly me. I should not have moved at all. But my lower back is somewhat better. Its my upper back and neck (and sometimes my hips and tailbone) that make me unhappy these days (which can result in crabbiness).

Today I am overscheduled - again. I am going for a walk and then I have a meeting this morning for work and then go to work in the afternoon. This is just a very busy week for me. I wanted to take a class tonight on ergonomic gardening but really can't because I am out the next two nights.

Yesterday we also made the big switch for kitty. His back feet don't work right now and he used to have clumping kitty litter but would walk in it after using it and ended up with clumping litter stuck to his paws. He is now using 'Yesterday's News' litter which is made from old newspapers. I was told that some times cats don't handle transition well, but apparently not an issue for kitty. He does seem a little perkier these days but still not getting around well.

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Debby said...

We use a turkey baster and sevin dust right around the foundation of our house before it rains. I'm not going to say that we haven't had inside ants since we've been doing that, because obviously it is a jinx.

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