Sunday, June 21, 2009

Going for two days in a row.

Yesterday we went to the wedding rehearsal, lunch and then sailing on a tall ship around Boston harbor. It was a lot of fun but a long day. My back lasted 6.5 hours... I am shooting for the same amount today. If we go in at 2 and I make it to about 830 that will be just about the end of the wedding. The wedding actually is at 330 but I need to get in early to get dressed since I am in the wedding.

Then, if the rain holds off we will walk the five blocks to where the wedding will take place (on the docks with a big tent in Boston... If its not raining, ceremony will take place outside with the harbor as the backdrop at the end of the pier. If it is raining, we will be under the big tent. It is not currently raining, the rain is to our south. It would be nice if it would stay there. But also being Boston, it is currently a tropical 59 degrees. We will be cold.

Now about my back. By midafternoon yesterday it was sore. Driving home was painful. I sat on an ice pack for a couple of hours and it felt better. Walter even made dinner so I could continue to ice my back. I slept okay last night but not great. I ended up on ice lying on the living room couch for a good chunk of it but feel relatively rested.
This is the bridemaid dress - actually a Talbot's dress...

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