Wednesday, June 17, 2009

More cool websites

There are millions (or billions) of websites out there. And thousands upon thousands on cancer, plus blogs, plus medical advice sites, and the list goes on. But recently I found two that I like: - I like that it is run by someone how has a medical background and had cancer. Its not shoving some stupid new 'cure for cancer' at the visitor and it compiles information from other sites and has guest bloggers, etc. I just like the tone of it and now read it regularly.

Another new one is an opportunity from Varian (the big medical instrument company) to write your own letter to cancer and tell it exactly what you think (but please use G rated language as its a family site). The letters people have written are wrenching but heartfelt. Go write your own.

Okay, so its possible I spend entirely too much time on the internet these days. Today is a good example I have to leave in 25 minutes and still have to get dressed and take a shower (shower first, clothes second). But I did already take my walk and have breakfast. But now I am late so I should go.

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Dennis Pyritz, RN said...

Thanks for the kind review of my site, Being Cancer. I also added you to the blogroll, Cancer Blog Links. You have a energetic writing style.
Take care, Dennis

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