Thursday, June 4, 2009

An up and down day

But first some morning inspiration I stole from a friend's blog:

Yesterday was an up and down day. First I had to resolve my stupid prescription issue that was supposed to go to the mail order service. It still wasn't appearing on my account so I called and they said they hadn't gotten it but my doctor's office had tried to submit it on May 22. They had faxed back and never gotten a reply. I had spoken to the doctor's office last Friday the 29th and they were going to resubmit it. Well they did. To Walgreens. I called Walgreens to find out how much it would cost as the whole point of mail order is its cheap. Walgreen's was cheaper so I said the hell with all this and I'll keep my prescription at Walgreens because obviously either the mail order place is too complicated (I have had problems getting prescriptions submitted to them before as well) or my doctor's office just can't deal. Anyway, lots of phone calls there.

Then we went to pick up the cat at the vet. Now we can call him 'the expensive kitty'. I have a problem with needles. Kitty now needs a shot twice a day so I volunteered my husband. On the way to the vet, he tells me that he almost failed high school biology because he couldn't give a chicken a shot. (But apparently it was a little baby chicken and a giant needle). The cat is a giant cat and a little tiny needle. He is perkier but still can't get around well. His life has changed completely because he can't have treats any more! He sits around begging for them and he can't have them. I have to go get some good diabetic dried food for him and maybe we'll give it to him as treats.

He is expensive kitty because a bottle of insulin costs $95 (even with the prescription savings plan at Costco for the uninsured that apparently applies to pets). A bottle should last us just over two weeks. Plus needles. Plus expensive food ($1.00/can and he should eat two a day). Plus doctor visits that are expensive.

Any how, we got him home, fed him, went to Costco and got his insulin and then hung out with him. He is very cuddly and somewhat mobile but his back legs don't work right still. They are better but he clearly has mobility issues - perhaps this will keep him from trying to go outside this summer. He goes back next week for another follow up to see how his glucose levels are.

Yesterday I also went to work at my new job. So far it seems pretty good and I think it could work out. Today I have a dentist appointment, meeting a friend for a walk and then going to work at my other job this afternoon. I have to go to Petco and get dried food, a kitty food dish timer (so he can have a snack in the middle of the night) and another errand I can't remember right now but I am sure it will come to me (like tomorrow when its too late).

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