Sunday, May 24, 2009

A 'Why me?' Moment

I figure I am allowed one of these every so often. Yesterday we went to a friend's wedding. This was a college friend who was in my class which is having its 25th reunion this fall. It was also Episcopal (which meant a lot of standing in church - standing makes my back hurt) and very nice and then a champagne and cake reception in the church hall. There were several college friends there as well - so we are all the same age basically.

At the reception I was looking around at all my friends standing and talking while I was sitting down to see if I could get my back to hurt less. I couldn't stand and talk for more than a couple of minutes. One friend was telling me how she is worried about her mother in law who has had four surgeries in the past five years - I've beat that count - but the thing is she is seventy something and I am forty something (but really only 29 if you must ask). I basically had a 'why me' moment? I couldn't even stand and talk to my friends who I never get to see. Two years of feeling like crap over something is really getting old. Okay, moment over. I'm done. Back to reality.

Today, I have errands to run, shoes to buy, go for a walk, get ready for work on Tuesday - the most important thing - and possibly more gardening. I went for the interview nearly two weeks ago and I was never sent directions so I used Google maps and got myself there - to the back of this big industrial park with pot holes - kind of scary. But then when I left, he gave me directions on how to get out of there more easily. But I don't know any landmarks for the last turn of the short cut so I have to figure this out for my first day. But Google is my friend, Google knows everything. I will find out what I need. (Put in the address at the intersection where I need to turn and find out what businesses pop-up.)

On the kitty news front, Friday night we were eating dinner outside and guess who escaped out the front door and came and found us in the back yard - this means he rambled around the front yard, down the side stairs and then across the yard. I actually was happy to see that he is still capable of and wants to get out and explore. I think this shows he is not that badly off. But still he doesn't come up stairs any more unless he thinks we slept too late and skipped his food or treats. His mobility is limited but otherwise he seems fine. Even a little perkier in the past couple of days.

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Anonymous said...

just curious, have you recently put a flea collar on the cat??? Not that I am discounting your vet, but sometimes these things are overlooked. Flea collars cause rear end walking problems.

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