Friday, May 22, 2009

A new motto

Yesterday I went for a walk with a friend and then for Thai food for lunch where they bring out fortune cookies, which I think is kind of weird because they are usually in Chinese restaurants. My fortune said: "We should not let our fears hold us back from pursuing our hopes." I think this might be my new motto. (On the back, it also gave me lucky numbers and the Chinese word for winter.)

While we were walking yesterday, I admit it was hot and my back hurt a tiny bit and my friend is on chemo so we weren't in the best shape, we were talking about how far we walked, could we make it back, and maybe we should drive the three blocks to the restaurant. We said we must sound really old and decrepit. But we're still here and that's the important part.

Last week, I went for a walk with my sister and her fiance's dog (not the fiance, just the dog) and the dog ran behind me and his leash rubbed against the back of my knees leaving a raw gash. No blood, just an owie (to use a technical term). I have been checking it every day and putting bacitracin or neosporin (or something like that) on it twice daily every since in an effort to make it heal. So yesterday, lo and behold I found out my stupid rash is back on the back of my leg. Grr, grr, grr! So I called the dermatologist, because she wanted to know if it returned, and I go back in a couple of weeks to get it checked and possibly a steroid injection on it. Most frustrating. Why can't it just go away and leave me alone?????

So today, in an attempt to overdo things a bit again, on my last 'day off' (starting next week I will basically work five days a week again - eek!) I am meeting a friend for a walk, going to the beach, and maybe run a couple of errands. Not much. But guaranteed to make my back hurt and tire me out.

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