Saturday, May 16, 2009

A long day

Yesterday was a long day. I met my sister to help plan her wedding next month - we have plenty of time - 36 days to be exact. But I lent her a lot of things from my wedding so it was a good start. We also took her fiance's dog for a walk. (Or he walked us. The giant black lab.) And he ran behind me while on his leash and I have a leash burn on the back of my knee - ow. But it makes me forget my back pain.

I also went to the funeral and family dinner for an old family friend. It was nice. But sad but she had been sick for a long time so it was time.

I also heard from the physician's assistant on my blood work - she sent me my Vitamin D levels. What about the rest of my counts? What about my ultrasound? I want to know!!! I'll call Monday. Grrr...

Yesterday I also bought some plants for my garden. I got some trailing flowers for the hanging boxes, impatients for the side gardens, and something else I can't remember (but I have chemo brain so that's my excuse). Today I will go get my tomato plants and some other plants. Then I will play in the garden this afternoon. And it will rain tonight and everything will be nicely watered.

Oh, yes, I got a job yesterday. Another part time job - 15 hours/week, 30 minutes from home. Its a little farther than I wanted but in this economy I am not being picky. I'll work three mornings a week and then work two or three afternoons at the community ed. Finally some positive cash flow. The big dilemma - what if the other job that I interviewed for comes in? Could I do three jobs? Hmmm.. But I do have a back up plan. I start the new job May 26 and the other lady said I would hear from her around June 8 so if the first one isn't as good as I expect, I still have something in the works. But in the meantime, I get to stop haunting Monster and Craigs List.

Daily kitty note: He is losing weight and can't jump up on lots of things any more. He definitely is having problems with stairs as well. We are debating moving his litter box upstairs from the basement. He still doesn't seem to get enough treats which we find very encouraging. And for brief interval this morning acted like a psycho kitty which is another positive sign.

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