Friday, May 15, 2009

Another day

Another tiny step. Yesterday I never heard back from the physicians assistant but I did get the pathology report on my annual chest xray: Minute nodule left upper lobe is unchanged measuring less than 4 mm. Likely granuloma. Otherwise lungs clear. Surgical clips anterior/superior mediastinum noted. Otherwise cardiomediastinal silhouette normal. Degenerative change in dorsal spine, minimal. No interval change in appearance of chest. Minute nodule left upper lobe is stable. This means I have surgically implanted clips, degenerating disks (big surprise - not!) and the annual picture of my granuloma is identical to previous years. I still need my other test results. But as I am a patient patient, I will keep waiting (and suffering in silence).

Today I am busy. Volunteer work, wedding prep stuff with my sister, walk, real work, and then to a funeral. A family friend died last week. She was 85 and had alzheimers for several years. She is someone who was around all through my childhood. I have many memories of ski trips, camping trips, and other adventures where she and her family accompanied ours. They are memories to be treasured.

Also today I am going to call and change my oncologist. I have thought a lot about this. My oncologist left to go into research or something so the hospital assigned me a new one. A friend had her as her oncologist and had many issues with her. I can't deal with a doctor's attitude in the middle of my health stuff so I am opting to go with a different one. I am also bracing myself to deal with another 'rocket scientist'. I have to get Norton anti-virus on to my laptop. I did this before but then had to reformat the hard drive so I have to start over. Norton only hires 'rocket scientists' so I will grit my teeth and have another cup of coffee before beginning the process.

Yesterday I also had a job interview. Yes in the midst of all this, I am still trying to find another job. I want to work a couple of part time jobs and juggle them to give me flexibility and avoid the stress of full time work. Then I got an email from the interview I went to last week. The subject line was "Many thanks". I thought that was the thanks but no thanks notice. But it wasn't. It was 'ping me in the first week of June if you don't hear from me sooner email'. Could this be two live job options? What if I had three part time jobs or am I insane? (No don't answer that. We all know I am insane.) But I am hanging in here at the orange alert level.

A daily check on the cat: he is okay. He is sleeping a lot. His back legs are not right but he does walk around. He is eating and drinking okay and doesn't seem to be in any pain (but feels terminally deprived of an adequate intake of kitty treats).

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Unknown said...

By all means find an oncologist you like. I changed mine and am so glad I did. Good luck! I enjoyed reading your posts.

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