Saturday, May 30, 2009

Free to cancer people

With a cancer diagnosis, you get free things. Like free weekends away, free dinners, etc. But they aren't really free - because you don't get them unless you have or had cancer. Tonight I am going to the American Cancer Society Relay For Life in town where I have been volunteering. As a 'survivor' (hate that label but it is an official ACS term so I will deal with it for one day), we get a honorary lap around the track at the high school and then a free dinner. After dinner, I will come home and sleep in my nice comfy bed - because I have a bad back there is no way I could stay there all night - and go back in the morning for the closing ceremonies. I was talking to a friend about this and she said she would rather sleep on a cement floor than have cancer. I think that about sums it up.

Yesterday I went to work and then came home and dealt with both the vet and my doctor's office where I had another 'discussion' with them about the whereabouts of the pathology reports for all my recent tests. They said they would print out another set and put them in the mail - a simple request I had made over a week ago. They also fixed my prescription so that it will go to the cheap mail order service instead of the pharmacy around the corner. Very aggravating but now I have the name of someone to call back if my reports don't arrive asap.

I also had a big discussion with the vet about the cat and then talked to Walter in detail. Basically, he has diabetes and nothing else. I also heard from a lot of people who's cats have or had diabetes and found lots of people saying lots of positive things - easy to manage, not too expensive, and cats return to a healthy, beefy, purring state relatively quickly. We are going to try the treatment route. This means two days of observation at the vet where they try to figure out his blood surgar levels and insulin dosage and then a repeat one day of observation a week later. If all is well, then only a follow up every six months. I will call them in a little bit when they open to see about bringing him in on Monday afternoon.

I think the biggest problem with this treatment will be me. I hate needles. I don't know if I can put a needle in him. I am a weinie. But I will go and have them train me and palm as much as I can off on to my husband until I learn to deal.

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