Friday, December 30, 2016

Another Year Goes By

We are at the end of another year. This one for the country has been filled with amazing ups and downs and controversy and more controversy. All I know is I have survived another year, even if I have yet another horrible cold. But what I don't know is how did I do on last year's resolutions?

Do you keep track of your resolutions each year? I know I never do. But I'll get back to that.

So each year, I make resolutions so that I will work on making changes in my life. I have a feeling, in fact, that I make the same resolutions every year. I honestly wouldn't be surprised about that at all. I think I probably want to lose weight every year.

People are creatures of habits and habits can be hard to change. Take anything from losing weight to eating more vegetables. You are good for the first few days and then fall off the wagon. And then there you are again. We all create our own vicious cycles.

You weigh yourself and go on a diet because of the shock you just got. You start to lose weight, feel a bit better, and weigh yourself again. You have gone down a couple of pounds so you celebrate by eating a jelly doughnut and a skipping your salad for a couple of days. So you weigh yourself again, and start over again.... and again and again....

Next time, don't weigh yourself at all (leave that for the doctor's office and their big fancy scale), go on a good diet and don't have a jelly doughnut for six months when you can wear pants two sizes smaller even on your 'fat' days. Wasn't that easy for me to write?

So there you have it. I wrote the problem the solution and still haven't done anything about it. Now I am going to peek at what my resolutions were for last year (because I have a blog this is actually easy). This was last year's resolution:

"I have a resolution finally for the new year: I will stop using my blog as a place to whine, especially about moving. I use my blog to write about issues which matter to me which recently has included a lot of whining about moving."

And the year before which was actually a repeat of the year before that:


So I think by now, I have gotten past the younger and taller part but am still working on the thinner part. But now I have to get rid of my own vicious cycle and leave that part out. That is the part that should be my resolution. Skip the diet part and get straight to the vicious cycle. 

I know part of that: I can't exercise as much because of my health issues. I can't exercise more because of my health issues. My health issues can cause me to be depressed and stress eat. So it all goes back to my health issues.... 

I am way too far off topic here. But not really. Another year has gone by and it is behind us. It is time for me to move on to get past my personal vicious cycle. It is time for the country to get rid of its own vicious cycle of division and hate and to move on to working together.

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