Saturday, December 10, 2016

Vanessa Bayer

I can tell you I am not Vanessa Bayer's biggest fan, because I honestly do not stay up until midnight to watch the show (waaaayyyy past my bedtime). But I am suddenly a hug fan of her openness regarding her leukemia diagnosis.
I was getting my hair cut this week and had a chance to catch up on the latest magazines, including People

"When Vanessa Bayer was just freshman in high school, she was diagnosed with leukemia. While the news was a shock for her and her family, Bayer says her cancer battle ultimately led her to a career in comedy.

“I wasn’t really that scared,” Bayer says in the latest issue of PEOPLE. “My dad is a really funny guy, and we would make jokes about my leukemia. When my friends would come over we would joke about it too. It’s sort of messed up out of context, but it put everybody at ease. Being sick is the reason I went into comedy.”"

She went from being a Make-A-Wish kid to a career in comedy and she's still here. 

Also, I really want to say that I am so happy to hear about another person who had cancer while young and is being very open about it. I think that the world is a better place if people do not keep their illnesses quiet. There is nothing wrong with talking about your medical ailments. And you probably are a lot healthier if you do talk about your medical issues. 

But anyway, I am now one of her biggest fans.

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