Friday, December 9, 2016

I Am Aggravated

My body is not cooperating. It keeps on bringing areas to my attention that are not cooperative, i.e., causing pain or other discomfort. I am not happy about this. I am already in PT for one area of the body that has expanded to a second area. I am going back to the knee doctor on Monday to talk about my formerly 'good' knee which is causing way too many issues. My 'bad' knee isn't going to be a good substitute for it.

Also, my fatigue levels are not doing me any favors. I was so tired this afternoon that I didn't put away the groceries - except for the most perishable - and left them for my husband so I could go lie down.

This does not make me happy. The roller coaster of cancer is bad enough, actually it probably the worst. But the fatigue and pain roller coaster isn't much better. I am not coping well. I am whining.

And it snowed twice this week and we are due for more snow Monday and Wednesday of next week. This makes me less happy and more aggravated. Its time for my body to suck it up and get back in lie.

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