Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Women Doctors Are Better

It took a study but the truth is out, women doctors are better than men.

I have always preferred women doctors. I just assumed it was because my pediatrician was a woman. The first dentist I went to was a woman - I have these vague memories of going to see her in her Boston office and getting erasers shaped like animals afterwards. If I get a choice, I usually prefer a woman doctor. Currently I have women doctors for: primary care, oncologist, endocrinologist, dentist, periodontist, therapist, meds therapist, rheumatologist, eye doctor....

"People treated by a female had a 4 percent lower relative risk of dying and 5 percent lower relative risk of being admitted to the hospital again in the following month.

To explain the discrepancy, the researchers point to past studies that have shown female physicians are more likely to provide preventive care and psychosocial counseling. Female doctors are also more likely to adhere to clinical guidelines."

I think the biggest part of this is the level of compassion I receive from these medical professionals. 
I think women are more compassionate as a rule and this compassion is also less likely to come from male doctors. Preventive care and counseling are very important. Clinical guidelines may or may not be as perfect as the article goes on to add:

"...adherence to clinical guidelines “does not always equate with quality or value of care.”

But the point is there. 

Back in the old days, women were not allowed to be doctors. But the times have change, go find a woman doctor and get better care.

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