Saturday, December 24, 2016

Stop Hiding From The Holidays With Ailments

Yesterday I posted a list of a holiday to dos:
  1. Be present, don't buy presents
  2. Wrap someone in a hug, instead of wrapping gifts
  3. Send love, not gifts
  4. Donate food, don't shop for it
  5. Make memories, not cookies
  6. Be the light, instead of hanging lights
Then I started thinking (sorry). I know I am guilty of not being present at holidays. At Thanksgiving, hosted here, I got tired and ended up lying down in our bedroom for long enough that my mother came down to lie down for a minute and talk to me because I was gone so long.

I really have limited abilities and get tired or end up in pain and need to rest. Normally, I would sit down and let everyone else do all the work. But if we are hosting, I never get to sit down because people keep asking for something so I have to get up. Now that I have had a chance to think about it I realize that I am not being present. I am hiding away.

So I have to come up with a plan. First of all I will talk to my husband and siblings because I know I can't do everything. I can also enlist one of my nieces and nephews to help.

I think I have dealt with my health for so long that I have learned to hide away so much that I start hiding away too soon. I need to work on staying out with everyone else and relax and let everyone else do the work and delegate.

That is actually pretty funny because last week I talked to an old friend who was stressing about the holidays. I told her I thought she should delegate part of the work to her husband and let him do it. I ran into her in the grocery store yesterday and she was shopping with her husband and he was doing the work. She had delegated and was very happy to do so. I have to take my own advice.

I (state your name) will stop hiding on the holidays and delegate instead.

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