Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Making The Change

Okay, I am going to do it. I have been pondering changing my pain management doctor and I have decided today (I am finally going to remember to) make the call. While I personally like my old pain management doctor and think he is a decent guy, I question the care I have been receiving.

I don't necessarily think it has been bad care. But I really want a new set of eyes on my pain management treatment. I want a new doctor to look at what I have and what hurts and then I want a new set of recommendations.

After nearly seven years with the same pain management doctor, I feel he just adds more and more meds and doesn't necessarily take anything away. One time he did take me off Lyrica (and later put me back on it), he told me I could just stop taking it and switch to something else (that I can no longer remember). That was probably the worst two weeks of my life. I was later told that I should have been told to cut down on Lyrica over a three week period and then start the new medication. He was later surprised that I had any issues with the transition and basically brushed it off.

He has also been a bit skeptical of any of my requests for new scans more than five years after the original one.

Today I will say good bye to him and schedule a new appointment with a new pain management doctor. To help with this transition, the pain management department has added a new doctor which gives me more options.

I am not a big fan of doctor flipping but realize sometimes it is in my best interests to do so.

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