Tuesday, December 16, 2008

All's well that ends well

After a month's vacation, the missing emu has been returned. This is most important. We even know his name - Emer. (I assume that is a good emu name.) He will be home with his family for Christmas. He has to get back to work sitting on the nest (perhaps he felt he needed a vacation from that). Anyway, he made it 16 miles away. But the important thing is he is fine and is now home.

Now yesterday, I received in the mail my spring 2009 catalog from Bluestone Perennials. I like Bluestone Perennials but I am not ready for a spring 2009 catalog yet. Winter doesn't start until this weekend (it may feel like winter but its not yet - the days are still getting shorter). However, now that I have it (and once I find it from the 'safe' place I put it), I will start contemplating what new plants I need for the garden. But it is quite early.

Yesterday was a busy day for me. I set up an in person interview this morning at a local company for more part time work. So this morning I cannot procrastinate (a/k/a waste time on the internet as much) before going to the gym. Its raining and in the 30's with the temperature dropping today so I will not walk outside. I will go where it is warm and dry.

In addition, I resolved the mystery of my refill prescription of Tamoxifen. I am trying to switch to mail order prescriptions because it is cheaper with my insurance. Actually, I will pay a total of $40 next year for two daily prescriptions if I use the mail order. However, I called the doctor last week and asked for a refill to be called in to the mail order place. I checked over the weekend and it was not received so I called the doctors office again. Apparently they called in the prescription to the local pharmacy I used to use. I guess they weren't paying attention to what I requested. Anyway, it seems to have worked out. Maybe it will arrive before we leave on vacation.

Between all that, I worked from home for two groups, went to work, and went for a walk with a friend, made a ricotta and spinach pie (Moosewood recipe), and went to the grocery store. I think that is all I did but just assume I wasted lots of time on the internet as well.

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