Monday, December 29, 2008

Thoughts on air travel

After spending two fun filled days as part of the flying public, I do have a few thoughts on air travel and other travelers (of course I have to have an opinion.

- If you don't bring something to read or do while flying, please do not expect the 'lucky' people who are sitting next to you to chat for the entire flight.

- If you do manage to take a nap while flying, please don't snore.

- If you are traveling with a small child, why did you let them cry for the duration of TWO flights?

- You need to get some food in the airport before getting on the plane if you plan on eating more than a tiny bag of peanuts.

- If they tell you the policy is credit or debit cards only for your drink purchase on the plane, don't expect them to take cash from you. They won't. You won't get your drink.

- Please brush your teeth and use deodorant before flying. The other passengers will like you better.

- Yes all suitcases really do look a like. Label yours, look at the name on the baggage claim. If its not your name, put it back on the belt.

- Passengers do not really feel safe when the pilots tell them they deice planes and take off in raging snow storms all the time. It doesn't really make us feel better.

Yes, air travel is wonderful. I can't wait to do it again. In the meantime, before my next flight (in the unscheduled future), we have now done all the laundry, but not yet put it away. (Hey, we are most of the way there.)

All of a sudden I realized I was going to make treats baskets for Christmas and we are having a delayed celebration on Thursday here so perhaps it is time to start cooking. Unfortunately, Walter is still on California time and stayed up late. I went to bed early so I woke up early and decided it was time to get started on my cooking. However, cooking by the smoke alarm is not conducive to sleeping late. (And when you stick the smoke detector back up on the ceiling, if you don't do it right, it will fall on the floor.)

Anyway, today we return to our normally scheduled programming. I am going for a walk when I am done cooking by smoke detector. Then I will attempt to clean the house (maybe, maybe not). We will also retrieve the cat from his vacation home (my parents house) and endure four fun filled miles of meowing and shedding.

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