Thursday, December 18, 2008

The category of 'what was I thinking?'

Yesterday was clearly a case of 'what was I thinking?' A few weeks ago or so I did something stupid to make my back hurt. It doesn't cause extreme pain but is achy and stuff so I have been trying to be nice to it. Tuesday I went to the gym and lifted because it was yucky out and I didn't want to go outside. Yesterday was also yucky so I went to the gym again but I didn't want to lift so I decided to use the rowing machine. I am not sure my back appreciated that. I only used it for five minutes (its boring and I can't read the captions on the TV from across the room). Then I went on the treadmill and walked home in the freezing rain (and found out my boots leak).

When I got home, I looked at the inch of liquid concrete type snow sitting in the driveway and said I should do something about this as it is raining and the temperature is going down. I didn't shovel it (shovel connotes lifting which I did not do and cancer people never have to shovel snow). I used a shovel to push it to the sides. I only did a little bit of the driveway and the front walk. And not even the entire front walk.

Anyway, between the rowing and the snow pushing, my back is not very happy with me. But that is why there are things like advil and tylenol in this world so I am all set. Also, my husband did ask me what I was thinking as well. Perhaps he thinks I am impaired. (But I can claim chemo brain). Tomorrow we are supposed to get a big snow storm and fortunately he will be home and will be able to shovel it all. I will show him how smart I am and admire the scenery from inside. (And wear my boots that don't leak if I do go out.)

Today, I have to go to the mall. I can't believe I forgot I have to get one more present. I meant to go earlier this week but forgot. And the only store around that has what I need is in the mall. I am going to go in just a few minutes to get there before the crowds. It does mean fighting rush hour traffic but that will beat fighting holiday crowds. Then I will go to the gym (and stay away from the rowing machine) before coming home to do some work and then go to work.

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