Monday, December 1, 2008

On being green

Yesterday we went for a walk and stopped to pick up a prescription on the way home. I noticed several cars sitting there idling n the parking lot with people in them waiting for others shopping. Why? Why sit in an idling car? About your carbon foot print, wasted fuel, laziness not to go into the store? I can go on and on.

Anyway, being green is buying a hybrid. Not being green is sitting in your idling hybrid while waiting for someone else.

Not being green is recycling your single use water bottles. Being green is buying one bottle and refilling it over and over again. 70% of water bottles do not get recycled in the US.

Being green is having house plants for natural air filtration. Not being green is spraying evil chemicals around to 'clear' the air. At least my plants are currently blooming so they can clear the air and they can look pretty.

Enough rant for this morning. Maybe I need more coffee. Another over scheduled week for me - but what is new about that? This morning I have work to do, a job interview phone call and then go to work. I actually have to go to work four days this week as well as do work from home. I also have to fit in my socializing, getting the car inspected, taking the other car for an oil change, doing some volunteer work, and running some errands. Its a good thing I don't have doctor appointments because I don't think I could fit them in.

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