Sunday, November 30, 2008

Crabbiness recovery

Yesterday I was significantly less crabby than the day before. We got together with family and went for a giant walk in the woods (where we saw a whole bunch of old junked cars) and had lunch. Then I went home and did a lot of nothing for a while to recover from the giant walk. It is very tiring to try to keep up with small children - they don't sleep, they are recharging, while us adults are busy doing things.

I also did laundry and made most of dinner. I delegated some to my sous chef... but then got to wash the dishes. Not an exciting life (but then I never claimed I had one). Today we are going out for brunch after our morning walk. We were going to go for a walk after brunch but now the weather forecast is for (gasp) snow changing to rain - which is not conducive to outside activities. Then I get to fold laundry when we get home. I am so excited I cant wait (for laundry folding)!

No it is not another exciting day in my life. Perhaps I will sneak over and pick up my new eye glasses this afternoon too. My current pair have been repaired twice (with Krazy Glue) and aren't quite even any more, hence my impatience...

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