Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Avoidance Day #1

Maybe I am nuts (okay, you can think what you want) but I agreed yesterday to work some evenings in the coming weeks. I think I can do this. Basically there are transitions at work and I will have a lot of work to do so I agreed to work seven evenings over the next five weeks. No I don't work full time so instead of working 10 hours/week, I will work more like 16 hours/week. Plus my other work. It will interfere with my tv watching schedule and the even more important cat feeding and Walter feeding schedules (but if the cat's dinner is late because there is no one here to feed him, he has no one to complain to). I think I can do this. The cat and Walter will just have to suck it up and deal.

These videos are from people with obviously too much time on their hands. But are a diversion.

Today's topic on our last day of avoidance of the real world is clothing. I think I own way too many clothes. I did give a big bag away recently and have a couple things to see if I can sell them at the consignment store. But then I have all these other clothes. The ones I like but currently can't fit in (hence the diet business). The ones that are for special occasions (some of which fit in the first category) so are worn rarely. Some that I used to wear to the office but don't because I don't go to a stuffy business office any more.

I was watching some stupid tv show on style the other day. The woman they featured, aside from being a size six, owned tons of clothes. They kept talking about how much she owned. I hate to think that I might own more clothes than her.

My problem is we have a tiny little house with lots of closets. I have two 10' wide closets all to myself. I am not kidding. They may actually be 12' wide each. I don't know. They are very long and hold lots and lots of clothes. There is some law of physics that says an object will expand to what ever size the space is that it has available (there is a much better technical explanation I am sure but that's all my tiny brain can remember). If I had smaller closets would I own fewer clothes? Probably. But I don't. I have giant closets. So I own lots. I will try to cut down.

Yesterday I worked from home, went for a walk, and then went to work. How unexciting. Today I am going to vote, run some errands, go for a walk, work from home, and go to my support group. The rumor is that today will hit 62 degrees so I can go for a walk in shorts if I wait until lunch time. I repeat. I do not lead an exciting life.

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