Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The doctor had the same script as me

Yesterday at my mammogram, I ended up having an ultrasound as well - because if you feel a lump or a 'something' you get to be part of the special group and go directly to ultrasound, do not pass go, do not collect $200. But the ultrasound found nothing. The mammogram found nothing. The doctor read the same script as me and said 'come back in six months for your annual mammogram'. He also said any lumpy stuff now is all scar tissue that will probably never go away. But it is normal and fine and nothing to worry about.

The part I don't get is doctors who say 'come back in six months for your annual check up'. Six months is not a year. Six months is half a year. I wish they would teach math in medical school. Anyway this now means I don't have a doctors appointment for 2 months and 27 days. But then to make up for my big gap, I have two appointments in one week. I will worry about them then and not before then.

What to do with all my time? I know, I could get a job and work more. There's an idea. Actually I have been looking for more work but I only want part time work. I want flexibility in my life to work my contract work, community ed work and volunteer work. Too many types of work but as long as most of it is paid, that is fine.

Yesterday I spent several hours sitting around Lahey and then came home and took a short walk before going to work. The cat made me late for work. Just before I was supposed to leave, he turned back into his outdoor cat mode and snuck out. If I go out and try to grab him when he first gets out, he hides and I can't get him so I had to wait around for a few minutes and then I took the kitty treats out and shook them. Voila, he reappeared, happy that he had gotten out, but I was late for work.

Otherwise, now I am very busy. Today I have lots of work to do from home, my support group and then go to work tonight. I am working a couple of nights a week for the next few weeks. This means I have to practice staying up late - I work until 9 pm. Yes, this could take practice for me. I still have a tendency to get tired. Maybe I could use it as practice for actually having a social life again - another interesting concept.

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