Saturday, November 29, 2008

Warning: Crabbiness alert!

As noted, I kind of overdid things on Thursday to the extent that I went to bed at 730pm. Then yesterday I went out three times - once to the farm stand, once to the library, and once for a 15 minute walk just so I could say I actually did go for a walk (and wasn't a total slacker all day). I even convinced Walter he could cook dinner.

By 9 pm, apparently I was a crabby b***h. Not just crabby, but crabby enough that it was commented that I was extremely crabby. (I even was mad at the TV for having too many commercials and not just showing the conclusion of the show I was watching. I was also mad at the cat for sitting on my lap and making my hip and back hurt.) It was strongly recommended that I just go to bed and get some sleep to reduce crabbiness. I then slept for 10 hours. Perhaps the crabbiness has gone away, perhaps not. I have only been up for an hour and am on my first cup of coffee.

Why crabbiness? Well, it is somewhat of a mystery but I still get tired. I mean its only been two months since the last surgery and I wasn't yet myself before then. I am getting really sick of this running out of steam business and then being exhausted for days. But when I finally go back to the doctor in February, I will discuss it with them then. Part of my recent problem might be this working nights business. But I only have three more evenings to work, and might be able to leave a little early on two of them. I will see how it goes.

Today, we are off to see visiting family members before they return home. I didn't see them yesterday because I was that tired. Then I hope to get in some kind of a walk - either with them or after they leave. Tonight I will again hope to prevent crabbiness by taking it easy. Perhaps I will pick up my new glasses later today. (Does squinting increase crabbiness??)

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