Saturday, November 8, 2008

Blah, blah, blah, just another day

I really don't lead an exciting life these days. Yesterday I went out to lunch and had a salad. How is that for exciting? I do have a job interview Monday for another part time job but it isn't exciting unless I actually get the job.

One minor bit of excitement yesterday was the cat has learned he can push against the storm door in the front and get outside if it isn't latched correctly so he got out. But it was trash and recycle day - which means three separate trucks come for trash, recycling, and leaves. The cat is scared of big trucks (maybe they are coming to steal his food.) I realized he had gotten out and it was misting/raining too so I went to look for him with the kitty treats. He was no where to be found - and one of the trash trucks was on the street. I couldn't find him anywhere so I went back inside and figured I would try again in a little bit.

Then I was in the kitchen which has the porch off of it. There is a storm door on the porch which opens in and does not latch. Kitty now knows how to let himself back in. He pushed the door open and came in - all upset about wet fur, big trucks, and being lonely. But that was the only excitement.

Today we are going for a walk and I have errands to run and laundry to do. I also have to do some work. I hate working on the weekends. TV filming is Wednesday.

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