Saturday, November 1, 2008

Avoidance Day #4

As the countdown continues, today's topic is science. The miracles of science are what makes life interesting - or so they say. Call me science impaired but I think I am (and that is before chemo brain as well).

In high school, I had to take a year each of biology, chemistry, and physics. Biology was miserable. They wanted me to dissect a frog or was it a worm and then a frog. Anyway, I never could. I think it made me a tad nauseous. Chemistry was full of what I think of as the potions classes from Harry Potter. Add this and it turns purple or bubbles or something. Me and physics should just never interact. I get the basics but there's too much math there for me.

Off I go to college and find out they have distribution requirements. This meant I had to take math and science classes. I took calculus and statistics and then 'Physics for Poets'. You had to know what the formula was and what numbers to plug in, but you didn't need to get the right answer. I squeaked by.

Now, a few years later (only a few years, not that many), I watch my cooking shows and do a lot of cooking. There is a lot of science in cooking. I mean why does bread rise or sauce thicken with heat? Those are scientific reactions - see I was listening at some point in class. Some of the cooking shows even talk a little about the scientific reasons for why things happen. Maybe they should have a chemistry for cooks class somewhere so we could all learn why these things happen. (Maybe they would teach me why my pie crust always is like shoe leather.)

Yesterday was an interesting day. Walter took the day off from work so he was home all day. This messes up my schedule. I really do work from home and if he is here and wants me to do things, I can't work. I solved the problem. I made him a list of stuff I needed to have done around the house and then I did my own thing. Voila. Everything got done that needed to. How cool is that.

Yesterday was also Halloween. We only had three groups of trick or treaters - but each group was a small horde. And they were all very cute. Now this means we have a surplus of Halloween candy. I will hide it and dole it out over the next few months. I have will power, but we'll just say some other house hold members have less will power than I do when it comes to chocolate.

Today I am going to the Boston Vegetarian food festival. This is a continuation of my quest to eat more healthy. I also want to learn more about vegetarian options (and not have to eat tofu - blech!). It is free and one day only so off I go. Something new and fun to do. I will also go for my walk when I return.

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