Monday, November 17, 2008

Its mammogram Monday

What a fun way to start the week. I have a 9 am apt for a mammogram and then I go see the surgeon for a follow up. If all goes well, I have a script for the doctor to say 'everything is fine and I'll see you in six months (or a year)'. But I have lots of lumpy scar tissue so I don't know, there could be a detour to ultrasound in there as well which could be followed by other fun adventures.

It also means I can't take my morning walk until after my appointments and if I get sucked into the giant black hole of hospital tests, I may not get a walk in at all. Egad - trauma in my life!

Yesterday we went off on an 'excursion' and went to Portsmouth and had lunch did a little shopping, visited a friends store and got started on Christmas shopping, and met up with friends, drank wine in the afternoon (a rare occurrence). We came home and I beat Walter at Scrabble. All this socializing is not helping my diet. Today's dinner will be turkey tenderloins, spinach, and Brussels sprouts. I am not going to lose weight if I keep eating a lot of crap.

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